Do Albermale county’s decisions affect CCS?

  • Unlike the end of last year, we are not following the guidance of the County or Schools unless directed by the Governor by executive order or The Office of Catholic Schools decides that we follow them.

How will carline work?


  • For morning carline:


  • Enter parking lot as normal, keeping to the right
  • Proceed up the drive (passed dumpster) to the turning circle (as you would for afternoon carline)
  • At turning circle, where drive continues to lower lot, leave a break/space for cars
    • MS students will be dropped at the back of the building
    • Will rejoin regular line after dropping students
  • At entrance to carline stations
    • Those with only MS students may veer left and exit via left side of parking lot (same side where cars are entering)
    • Those proceeding to carline stations will split into 2 lines (4 stations each)
  • Parents are not allowed to leave until students clear temperature check
    • All 4 cars being checked will be dismissed to leave at the same time
  • If a student does not pass the temperature check
    • Student will proceed to see Nurse Weber (sidewalk at traffic/flagpole circle)
    • Parent will pull into traffic circle until Nurse Weber makes determination on whether child can be in school

What happens if my child(ren) has above a 100.4 temperature?

  • All children will be checked each morning
  • If they register at 100.4 or higher, they will be rechecked by Nurse Weber
  • If they are once again higher, they will be sent home
    • May not return until fever free for 72 hours without medication

What happens if my child has COVID-19 like symptoms?

  • Nurse Weber will determine if they are able to enter the building
  • If she deems it they cannot, they may be asked to:
    • Try again after 72 hours fever free without medication
    • Quarantine for 10 days from the start of the symptoms
    • Quarantine for 14 days

How will my child(ren) enter the building?

  • They will enter in different locations
    • JK – The front entrance
    • K-1 – The door to the K-2 hallway by the playground
    • 2-3 – The door to the 3-5 hallway by the playground
    • 4-5 – The door at the end of the MS hallway
    • 6 – Cafeteria
    • 7 – Performance space
    • 8 – door at the end of the STEAM wing
  • Students will enter keeping a 6’ physical distance

What will classrooms look like?

  • JK will have no more than 16 students total spread across two classrooms
  • K will have no more than 26 students total spread across two classrooms
  • 1-5 will have no more than 36 students total spread across three classrooms
  • 6 will have no more than 40 students in one space
  • 7 will have no more than 45 students in one space
  • 8 will have more than 40 students total spread across two spaces
  • Strict Seating charts

What are the rules for face coverings?

  • JK-3 – must bring to school and wear in communal spaces and hallways
  • 4-8 – must wear in communal spaces, hallways, and when required by their teacher
    • May remove at desks when seated
  • Students may be asked by teacher to put on a face covering
    • If refused, teacher is not mandated to speak to student at less than 6’
  • May remove outside if physical distancing is adhered to

What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 test?

  • Every scenario is different and will have a different protocol
  • What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?
    • Notify the school
    • TJHD will perform contact tracing and determine if anyone needs to quarantine
  • What happens if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19?
    • Notify the school
    • TJHD will perform contact tracing and determine if anyone needs to quarantine?
  • What happens if a parent or household member tests positive for COVID-19?
    • Notify the school
    • TJHD will perform contact tracing and determine if anyone needs to quarantine

What will synchronous learning look like?

  • Students will be required to be logged on at specified times for schools
    • There will be a schedule released for synchronous students
  • Students will be in uniform
  • Teachers will broadcast direct instruction live
  • Students will have the ability to participate in classroom discussions
  • Students will have the opportunity to work with teachers during independent practice time
  • Students will have the ability to log off during independent practice time but are required to be logged in by the next scheduled direct instruction time

Am I able to switch between in-person and synchronous learning?

  • Yes, your seat is yours
  • We ask that you inform the school and your teacher if you plan on switching so that we can plan appropriately

Will there be homework?

  • Yes, we will have homework

Will students still be in uniform?

  • Yes, but summer uniform only to start the year.
  • Mass will not currently require formal uniforms.

Do current policies stand for the entire year?

  • We are taking plans and policies a month at a time (6 weeks to begin the year).  We will continue to reevaluate and change as needed.

For afternoon carline, will students be exiting the building in the same way as morning carline?

  • Still currently working on dismissal policies.
  • Will have “safety officers”
  • No students will be “working” carline; only adults
  • Carline monitors will not open car doors

Will my children be taught by an actual teacher and not a teacher assistant?  Who will teach the synchronous learning classes?

  • Assistants are there to monitor students in group “C.”
  • Teachers can teach and be viewed via Promethean boards.
  • Teachers always teach, assistants do not.

Can students be grouped together in “quarantine families”?

  • If you have been with another family during this time, let us know and we will attempt to make seating arrangements appropriately.

What is the policy if the mask rule is violated more than once?

  • These are children, and we are going to be compassionate and work for them.
  • Will give warnings.
  • Continued problems will result in a conference with parents.

Will the gym be split into multiple classrooms?  How many teachers are in the gym?  I am concerned about a 1:45 teacher to student ratio.  What about the cafeteria?

  • We have worked in the gym to help dampen sound.
    • Teachers will be using microphones and speakers.
  • Whole-group instruction to begin the year.
    • Teachers have been working on how this will look.
    • Math teachers coming up with a plan.
  • There will always be 2 teachers with MS grades.

Will there be a monitor where the in-class students can see the virtual students, or where the teacher can also see the online students while teaching in class?

  • We will have an online monitor (assigned student in each class) who will help teachers keep track of what is happening with synchronous students.

How will Mass be handled?

  • Mass will not be open to the community.
  • Will be celebrated by Monsignor Keeney in the Chapel on Friday mornings.
  • One group of students (30 people at a time, physically distanced) will be physically in the Chapel each week (rotating schedule).
    • All other students will watch via live stream in their classrooms.
    • They will participate as if they were in the Chapel–sitting and standing when appropriate, saying prayers and responses.
    • Communion will be distributed to classrooms.

Where is Aftercare pickup?  Will they have outside time?

  • Still finalizing the plan.
  • Brought to gym one grade at a time.
  • Will be seated physically distanced in the same groups as during the day.
  • Pickup will likely be doors by Chapel outside of the gym/STEAM hallway.

Is there a percentage of positives in the TJHD that would be too high and would require switching everyone to synchronous?

  • Determination will be made by Governor Northam or Office of Catholic Schools.
  • TJHD can make recommendations, but cannot shut the school down.

Have you thought about air quality control in the classrooms?  Air purifiers?

  • Our HVAC system cannot handle HEPA filters–would lessen air quality.
  • Buying air purifiers for each classroom.
  • Will also keep windows open as much as possible.

How might a given school day shift for increased outdoor time for instruction and/or play?

  • Will schedule each class/cohort for outdoor time.

Within the block schedules for MS, will they have every class every day?

  • No, only 3 classes per day.
  • A/B day format.
    • Fridays will rotate between A and B.

If a child’s sibling or parents becomes COVID positive, will the siblings be expected to switch to synchronous learning?

  • If you cannot isolate at home from children, then yes, TJHD will recommend going to synchronous learning for all children in the household.

Will Algebra still be offered to 7th grade students?

  • Yes.  Math program is not changing, all math levels will be offered.
  • Mrs. DeVane and Mr. Garland working on a plan.

Have you thought about decreasing the length of the school day since specials won’t be happening?

  • Specials will be happening.
  • Specialists will be going to individual classrooms.
    • PE will be outdoors.
  • School day/length determined and set by the Diocese and must remain standard.

Will parents be notified if there is a COVID positive student or faculty member?  Will we be told which grade or just that it is in the community?

  • Parents need to be transparent and let school know about symptoms, testing.
  • Parents must give permission for CCS and TJHD to communicate.
    • If not, we will only be told that there is a positive test within the community.
    • Individual names cannot and will not be shared, as that is a HIPPA violation.

Are all the synchronous learners in a grade level going to be grouped together or mixed in with the in-person learners? 

  • Because of the way we are creating cohorts, synchronous learners will not be put in one class in case it is decided they will return to in-person

Can we do half day in-school and half synchronous?

  • May be pushing the limit of teacher flexibility.

Are students going to eat lunch in the classrooms?  If so, do you still have the no peanut policy?

  • Yes, lunch will be in the classrooms.
  • Have worked with Nurse Weber and the other nurse on the Reopening Task Force to make sure that we maintained safety and cleaning protocols for students with food allergies.

What measures are being taken for extra cleaning, especially in the bathrooms?

  • We contract cleaning service.
    • Detailed deep cleaning will happen Friday before students return.
    • Increased cleaning measures for normal daily cleaning.
  • Maintenance staff will work throughout the day with fogging machine to sanitize.

How will physical distancing/precautions be maintained during all safety drills?

  • To start the year (first six weeks), we have been advised not to run safety drills.
  • Will talk through plans with students.

Will hand sanitizer be available in each classroom for all that enter?

  • Have purchased sanitizer and dispensers for rooms.
  • Many classrooms have sinks, soap, and paper towels to use regularly.

Could you please give more information about the plastic dividers?

  • A member of Task Force received a quote from High Tech signs.
  • Not mandatory or provided by school.
  • We are currently only allowing plastic dividers from High Tech signs

How will online students collect work?

  • We are using Seesaw for JK through 2nd, Google Classroom for 3rd through 8th.
  • Teachers in 3rd through 5th are taking training on Google Classroom.

Will students be using lockers?

  • To start, students will not use lockers.
  • All belongings will go with them to designated classrooms.

Separation anxieties may be an issue for the younger students.  Do teachers have a plan to handle this?  Will they be able/allowed to hug students?

  • Will be up to teachers’ and parents’ comfort levels.
  • We will care for students who are upset; we will be there for them just as we always have.

Will no balls/equipment and distancing, what games/playing will students be allowed/suggested to do during recess/PE?

  • PE will be physical fitness based to start.
  • Plans for recess games.