Physical Distancing, Face Coverings, and Cohorts

  1. Desks for Kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms will be 6ft apart
  2. Due to physical size of our classrooms each room will have 12 students with assigned seating.
  3. Students in each room will be a cohort and we will limit mixing of different cohorts and minimize movement of cohorts throughout the building
  4. In Middle School students will be in shared group spaces with desks still 6ft apart.
    1. 6th Grade will be in the cafeteria
    2. 7th Grade will be in the gym
    3. 8th Grade will be in the two lab spaces in our STEAM Wing.
  5. Middle School teachers will provide whole group instruction with a second teacher assisting.
  6. Teachers will move between rooms, rather than students moving to different rooms.
  7. We will have a face covering policy for all students that varies as developmentally appropriate.  Because of this policy, we ask that you please have your child(ren) practice wearing their face covering so that they are prepared for the school year.
    1. Face coverings are to be worn by all students in grades 4-8.
      1. They will be worn at all times when they are at a distance of less than 6 feet and in communal spaces such as hallways.
      2. We will start the year in classrooms where desks are 6 feet apart.
    2. Face coverings may be more difficult for our younger students in Junior Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
      1. All JK – 3rd grade students must bring face coverings to school.
      2. These students will be encouraged to wear them when they are at a distance of less than 6 feet, especially in communal spaces.
    3. Medically necessary accommodations will be made as needed.
    4. Students who are outside for breaks, recess, or classtime, will remain socially distanced and may remove their face coverings.
  8. We will require all faculty and staff members to wear a face covering while teaching, in communal spaces, or when social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.

Materials/Supply Lists

  1. Students will not be sharing supplies
  2. We will not do a communal collection in August

Please see the links to the following supply lists:


  • Lunch will be eaten in classrooms
  • Students may take off their mask during lunch, but must stay in their desks 6ft apart.
  • Yay lunch is still providing lunch this year.

Handbook and COVID-19 Addendums

Please see the links to our student/parent handbook and the link to the addendum document covering policies we will have in place for the 2020-2021 school year: